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The Cruel World SE01 Chapter 2 ; I am homeless but I am still human.

I have no roof on my head. I don’t exist to the society, I am better off dead. People walk past me, I’ve heard many insults and bad comments made. About […]


The Cruel World SE01 Chapter 1; Small Time Bully, Big Time Consequence

” I’ve had enough, what did I do to deserve this ? ” Picking things, picking on beings, picking on kids weaker than he is, He gets the satisfaction of […]


What is love? 

When ever you are exhaling air out, and looking at the person you love, you will automatically smile, not only with your mouth, but your eyes would too. Your heart would […]


The tree is…

Shade. Home. Shelter. Food. Life. Purpose. Mother of all shade and shelter. Home to Millions of creatures and once upon  a time, a home to ours. It bears fruits, to […]

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This World is Vast.

This World is Vast. Yet it is just a mere spec in the galaxy. How can this spec in the galaxy have so much hatred, Deaths of the Innocent, By […]



They dont want to see you rise. They want to see you fall. They are not your brothers. They are enemies of your future. First impression lasts. Last impression never forgotten. You may have sinned in the past. And plan to repent. But are you sincere when your knees meet the floor and asking for forgiveness? You are enjoying this […]