This World is Vast.

This World is Vast.

Yet it is just a mere spec in the galaxy.
How can this spec in the galaxy have so much hatred,
Deaths of the Innocent,
By the Innocent,
Brainwashed by the “People” that are blinded,
With Power and Dominance,
To Dominate the weak,
Don’t they have humanly Conscience?

This World is Vast.

Yet, Love and Happiness are not constant,
Many unexplored places,
Untapped emotions,
Unsolved cases.
People are dying, but NOT of natural causes.
Dying of intended intentions,
Bomb shells on homes and sacred places,
Explosions after explosions, are there no other solutions?

This World is Vast.

Yet, many are trapped in Mental Slavery,
Dictated by Dictators,
where Fear outshines Bravery,
and Bravery is represented by contraptions filled with gunpowder.
One side of this world is happily singing,laughing,
While the other side is struggling surviving, hiding.
Why do we even learn history, if we repeat the mistakes of the past?
This world may be Vast, but it is dying very fast.

You never know how strong you are, Until being strong is your only choice.” – B.M

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