Man spreads KINDNESS by giving out MONEY in the form of Treasure Hunt

Hiding 10 pound notes for the public to find.

Matt Callanan is one of many people on this earth who are putting faith back into humanity.

How is that spreading kindness you may ask ?
Matt Callanan puts the money in envelopes, and sealed along with it is a letter, which states that there are 2 rules for you to follow.

1. Do not use it for yourself.
2. Spend it on good.

Matt Callanan has came up with this idea after winning 20 pounds on a scratch card. Instead of spending the money on himself, he used that money to take a homeless man food shopping.

” I brought him into the supermarket, give him a basket, filled it up with fruits, food and the essentials. Which quite a lot of us take for granted ” – Matt Callanan.

Shortly after that incident, he thought of this project to do good deeds to leave as a legacy for his 1 year-old son, and be inspired by his father who loss his battle to cancer at the age of 58.

The response has been amazing, kindness is contagious, and it starts with you.

Here are some of the people who found the envelopes and what they did with it :

Also, getting wonderful feedback from people around the world

Spread the kindness, pay it forward.









"Photos taken from BBC Three's YouTube video"