5+ Fruit hacks that will make your life so much easier.

Did you know ? That the easiest way to peel a banana is on the other end ? This is how monkeys peel bananas too! The trick is to pinch and pull apart. Tadaaaaa! 

This works really well when your’e at home and have a cutting knife in reach. Slice the top and bottom of the orange, and with the knife, cut through and orange slice but not all the way through. Voila! 

Cut the mango in half and make a grid like shape on the inside of the mango. Once you’ve gotten that, simply push up from the skin and the mango cubes will pop out like magic! Dig in mango lovers!

Get a tall glass, with your half cut mango, just slide against the edge of the glass until the pulp is seperated from the peel. Now you can enjoy indulging on that mango like there’s no tomorrow

Got berries? Got an ice tray? You do?! That’s great! Put 2 and 2 together and you’ll have yourself an amazing way to put some flavor into your drink.

Cut half! Slice the sides! Cut around! Make squares! Get the bowl! And you got watermelon to keep your refreshed through the day! 

But wait! Dont waste the husk of the watermelon. Why not make it into a… fruit bowl! 

This hack will help you enjoy the whole strawberry without having to leave the top part to waste. How do you do it you ask? The answer is in the name of the fruit. STRAWS! Simply push your straw through the bottom to the top of the strawberry. Poof. And trust me, it is oddly satisfying.

#8 – KIWI 
Looks familiar right? You can do the glass trick with a kiwi too!

We are pretty sure that there are TONS more fruit consuming hacks out there. Care to share ? Drop us an email and we will have your contribution featured!