The tree is…

Shade. Home. Shelter. Food. Life. Purpose.
Mother of all shade and shelter. Home to Millions of creatures and once upon  a time, a home to ours.

It bears fruits, to feed on, it gives life to every living, breathing cell, because oxygen is our need to survive.

Trees are here for a purpose. Trees are beautiful, take a look outside your window. Take a moment to appreciate its presence on our soil.

The tree has a love story.

With whom? It has a love story with the sun.

Every second, it reaches for the sun. Bending towards it. Even in the darkest of places, every ounce of its energy will try to get the suns’ rays.

Night falls.

These beautiful and majestic organisms take a break from its lifelong chase for the sun.

It drops its branches for those seeking warmth in the cold night. It watches as its limbs get thrown in the fire, just to keep humanity dying from the cold.

There’s more.

But thats up to you to figure it out. Look at things from a different perspective. Even if it is just. A. Tree.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffet.