What is love? 

When ever you are exhaling air out, and looking at the person you love, you will automatically smile, not only with your mouth, but your eyes would too.

Your heart would just beat a tad quicker when you glance at the one you love, waiting for your eyes to meet, and hold it for a good 3 seconds before you start blushing and you have to turn away before it gets embarrassing.

When your skins touch, your brain malfunctions for a moment and the feeling of comfort and security overwhelms your body.

When he or she laughs, your eyes would be glued to the smile that to you, is the most beautiful God given smile that you have ever laid eyes upon.

People say love is complicated, well, it is. Love plays with your brain and heart like it is on a spin track, swishing it back and forth with tons of mixed emotions you can never tell apart.

Many say love has many meanings, well, it does. Love for a friend, love for a family member, love for your partner, love for a pet, love for an inanimate object, love for a TV program, love for an idol. Each and everything, everyone, has a different value of love.

The love that hurts the most? I would say that is the love of a fallen comrade, be it a friend, your parents, or a lost item which holds a value that no money on this earth could buy. Because, something that is lost in oblivion , you can never get back. Only a memory of what was.

So is love an emotion? Or is it a feeling that no one could get a grip on? How do you prove your devotion? Could you control it like grabbing a bull by its horns? 

Everyone has a different explaination. What is yours ?