The Cruel World SE01 Chapter 1; Small Time Bully, Big Time Consequence

” I’ve had enough, what did I do to deserve this ? ”

Picking things, picking on beings, picking on kids weaker than he is,
He gets the satisfaction of being in power and feared, but they got the ill treatment and mental torture.
Do they know what their victims of bully feel? Heartless or are they clueless?
Bully bully ,why are you so mean to those weaker than you are.

” Pick on someone your own size! ”

In some cases, there would be an average joe who would save the day.
But in most cases , people just walk by and let the bully get away.
Give them your lunch money, do their homework, let them throw your books down,
Before it gets bloody, what a jerk, throwing books of knowledge to the ground.

” I want to delete all my Social media accounts, Mom, can I please go to another school? ”

 Escaping from the real world may be easy, escaping from the virtual world, now that, is another story.
What has been posted online will be there forever, think before you put it up, because your life is worth more than gold and silver.

” Why are you so ugly? Did you get that shirt from the dumpster?! Ew! ”

Cup your hands, cover your ears, you are beautiful, don’t listen to those venomous words.
You may be smaller physically, but your heart is bigger than theirs.
Brush off the insults, walk back with your chin up back to class.

Don’t be afraid to tell your teachers or principal when you are facing bullies in school. Stop when it is still early. Stop before they embalm scars on your mind, heart and body. It is not easy to avoid bullies in some cases, but please, I beg you, be strong, and don’t let them destroy the good life ahead of you. Seek help when you can. Don’t ignore their mental and physical torment.