The Cruel World SE01 Chapter 2 ; I am homeless but I am still human.

I have no roof on my head.
I don’t exist to the society, I am better off dead.
People walk past me, I’ve heard many insults and bad comments made.
About how I look, how I smell, and about my dirty cardboard bed.
This is all I have, you think I want to live this way?
My actions and decisions led me to this day.
My only friend is this cat who visits me everyday.
His name is Tom, although he isn’t human, he has a lot of things to say.

Yes, I ask for money and I may be annoying
but it is for me to get some food to fix my hunger.
It is not that I don’t want to look for a job,
no one wants to hire me, you think I haven’t tried ?

Sometimes, I don’t even want your money,
all I want is some company.
to sit down with me,
and talk about how life is,
I’ve had little to zero human interaction,
allow me to share my story so you could make a better decision,
on what is to come in the future, and be wiser.
I am still human, just like you,
I have emotions and feelings, just like you,
a smile and a greeting could really brighten up my mood.
Small talk and a friend, can get me through.

am not a bum.
am human too.
have tried looking for a job.
Why won’t they hire me like others do?
They say ” leave your number and we will give you a call back”,
how am I suppose to leave my number if
I don’t have a phone on me.

I did not choose the homeless life.
Just like everyone else, I am.
I am just like everyone else.

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